White line is a creative and design agency and production.
Supplier of creative, design and advertising services. 3 in 1!

We generate ideas that shape the brand identity and its advantages.

We specialize in creativity, develop advertising campaigns, produce video clips and graphic animations, design print products. We supply creative and design services to television channels, projects and shows. We create computer graphics for TV channels and its projects (stylishly “dress” TV channels).

Carrying out the function of full-production, “White line” takes on all organizational and production tasks, using the “one-stop shop” technology.

We try to work with energetic, active clients who also want to do their utmost to ensure the success of the common cause.

And we dare to be different from the others.


The only and basic thing that advertising should do is sell! The increase in sales by 2-3 times is the main indicator of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Everything else is lyrics.

We provide the audience with such an advertising product in which they could see themselves, their lives, their dreams. Make a turn that will make the issue even deeper.

In our work we use the work of the leading advertisers of the world (Ogilvy, Hopkins, Lee Hunt, Bernbach, Barnet, Eithion, Salivan, etc.), choose the right advertising tools for the popularization of companies.

For each individual task we fix a working group from an account manager, a producer, a copywriter / screenwriter, a graphic designer, a director. We select the entire resource necessary for high-quality, professional production. We have the opportunity to draw creative potential from the international talent pool.
The creative producer and art director supervise the production process and are responsible for the final result of the project.


In order for a brand to become special, it should be close to the consumer, fit into his lifestyle, act as a good friend or friend.

Effective advertising campaign – this is the product that clients, in the majority, expect from an advertising agency.

Attention, degree of memorization, persuasiveness and involvement are the three components of an effective advertising campaign that we use.


The brand should be similar in style to its audience, clearly differ from its competitors. Our creative directors, designers, directors will help to become clear and instantly recognizable to the audience, stand out among the rest.


Create a story and emotional tie, that’s what’s important in video production.
Expressive and original advertising that attracts the attention of the consumer, which can evoke emotions and create involvement is our goal.


Content, promotion, marketing and advertising are four whales in the television business. Clear identification and differentiation of brand media, creating a pleasant image, a close audience is one of the main tasks in its popularization. This can be done both with the help of creating attractive content, modern television graphics and id, effective television advertising campaigns.

Trying to do our job brilliantly, we bring the maximum benefit!